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Good Instruction Manual

Delivering knowledge to your workforce is important. As jobs in the manufacturing industry become highly digitized and the global supply chain becomes more complex, it’s more significant than ever to effectively distribute work instructions.    

By providing your end-users with clear and to-the-point work instructions, you can expect increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and more effective training procedures.

MS Made is a digital work instruction software that enables companies to create visual and step-by-step digital work instructions – hassle-free. Our goal is to save both you and your end-users valuable time and money.

Structure and clarity

Structure is the key to saving time in essentially everything – and the domain of work commands is no exception. In order to write a work training, from the company’s viewpoint, and recognize work instructions, from the end-user’s viewpoint, there has to be a clear and to-the-point structure. Based on educational research on instructional design and learn ability, we have structured our platform into the subsequent parts:


The basic part of every training is the “guide.” You can see the guide as the whole paper brochure of a product, from first to the last page. It contains every subject, training, and step of how to use a specific product. Here’s a fixed work instruction for the Multipacker OCME, a machine used in food and beverage production, made in the SwipeGuide instruction software. Note, this work instruction does not include any information under “Topic.” The embedded SwipeGuide below is clickable.


A guide consists of numerous different directions. The Multipacker OCME work guide consists of a number of separate commands, demonstrated above, including:

  • Prepare the Machine
  • Prepare divider
  • Safety first

These commands each contain a certain numeral of steps.


“Steps” are the full descriptions of commands. They show the user the step-by-step procedure of performing a given job. There is a clear goal in every training, and the description of the goal should be task-oriented and to the point.

Extra information about the steps can be split up into four icons, that are based on the theory of information mapping:

Additional Info:


Regarding safety and things to know before usage, etc.


More detailed description with extra information on how to perform the step, 

Alternative route:

A possible different way to perform the same task. 


Things that often go wrong and how to fix them

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