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Quick health check for your logo with branding:

  • Are the colours used according to your industry standards?
  • Are your colours very similar to your competitors?
  • Is the tipography making your logo too old feeling? (unless you are looking for the vintage touch of course!)
  • Does your logo work on a very little scale ? (i.e. mobile phones icons?)
  • Does your logo work on a black and white version?
  •  A simple refinement to the icon to clarify your message.
  • A contemporary font change to modernize.
  • A fresh color palette to appeal to a fresh set of audiences and stand out from competitors.
  • A basic rearrangement of icon, font and/or wordmark.

What is a logo evolution?

A company’s logo is a recognition tool for the public to link their services or products to the company. In other words, it is part of a company’s branding. Without such branding, the public will not be able to differentiate between companies, and therefore unable to expect a certain standard or quality from the company which they interact with.

There is no definitive time when you should redesign your logo. But, if your intuition is telling you your logo is falling behind, irrelevant or just doesn’t represent who you are as an organization any longer, it’s time to reassess.

A strong image that represents your brand when your audience thinks about you will make an impact. A dated, weak and generic logo can also make an impact. Which one would you rather have?

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