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“on the day Guru Gobind Singh Ji organized Amrit in Anandpur, the attendance within the Diwan became about 35 to 40 hundreds. The Mughals had four thrones (seats of Imperial electricity), Delhi, Agra, Lahore and Kalanur, but the grandeur of Guru Ji’s throne become in a class by using itself. The grandeur of this throne changed into out of this global.

Guru Ji came to the Diwan and, unsheathing his sword, spoke in his thundering voice that he needed a head. No questions or hesitation in any respect, Bhai Dya Ram got here ahead to Guru Ji. Guru Ji right in the front of all, reduce off his head from the frame in a single stroke. Each person present become stunned. Then Guru Ji once more thundered and demanded one more head. Right on Guru’s name, Dharam Chand got up, got here to Guru Ji, bowed his head and said here is my supplying of my head. Guru Ji, again, in one stroke reduce off Dharam Chand’s head from his body.

Now there has been a huge commotion inside the Diwan. But Guru Ji in his thundering voice went on demanding heads, one after the opposite. Himmat Rai, Mohkam Chand and Sahib Ram got up and provided their heads. Guru Ji reduce off the heads of these 3 additionally.

Many from the congregation went to Guru Ji’s mother, and narrated the entire happenings in the Diwan to Mata Ji.

Guru Ji wiped clean up the blood from the 5 our bodies and heads, and even washed the floor, Then the Guru of those infidels, stitched one head with different body, one at a time. This method took about three hours. Then he covered these dead bodies with white sheets.

The Guru of the infidels then took a cauldron fabricated from stone and positioned an iron wok with out handles on top of it. Poured water into the wok and commenced making ready the “Amrit” (Aab-e-hyat – Elixir of lifestyles). The infidel Guru stored churning the water along with his sword and kept on reciting his Kalma (Gurbani). This process went on for 1.Five to 2 hours. In the course of this time, a girl from Guru’s residence came and placed some thing in that water. Now the Amrit “Elixir” become equipped.

From the corpses, he took the overlaying sheets off. First he sat on the pinnacle side of Dya Ram, and poured AMRIT “Elixir” in his mouth, then poured a few on his head and sprinkled some on his frame, after which he requested the lifeless body to mention “Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.” as if on his Guru’s Command, Dya Ram were given up and repeated in his formidable voice,”Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.”

It regarded that within the complete congregation every person became so greatly surprised and as if stopped respiratory. There was pin-drop silence. All those gift have been mesmerized with their Guru’s miracle. Within the identical manner, one after the alternative, Guru made the opposite 4 alive too.

Then, he took all five of them inner a tent. After some time Guru Ji in conjunction with the five got here out. The 5 had been now wearing new attire. Those 5 risen from the lifeless had been status in a line. Then Guru got here in the front of them and took the “Bir Asan” (Posture of the brave – kneeling on one knee) and requested for the Amrit “Elixir.” At this factor, those five requested, what are you offering to get this Amrit “Elixir.” Then Guru stated that i would sacrifice my dad and mom and my sons to your sake. Then these 5 gave Amrit “Elixir” to Guru Ji, and his call turned into modified to “Gobind Singh.” The word “Singh” turned into attached with different 5’s too – Dya Singh, Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh, Mohkam Singh and Sahib Singh.

Abu-el-Trafi writes that i was very remorseful and cried like a toddler. After that, heaps took the AMRIT “Elixir”. Even, i used to be attracted by way of a magnetic force and with utmost regret fell on Guru’s ft. I asked Guru to provide me Amrit (Aaab-e-hyat) too. Guru Ji already knew about my role as a spy and a traitor, placed his hand on my returned, gave me Amrit and changed my call to Ajmer Singh. Simply with this act, my sins of numerous lives were given washed away. I participated in many wars.

On that day, I sent my final report to Emperor Aurang Zeb. In this file I wrote my eyewitness account in details. I also warned Aurang Zeb in the strongest viable words not to dare undertaking the incarnation of God, and desist from cruel policies and that if he did no longer pay attention to and act on my advise, then God forbid, he might lose all – his throne and family.

Gyani Dalip Singh “Komal” of Dhaunola informed that this e-book is lying within the files of Aligarh university.”

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